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  • I've seen a few booths out there, why choose You Look Lovely?
    The You Look Lovely booth offers the lot: stunning vintage charm, but also the versatility that allows users to print their photos or receive them digitally. Whilst guests love the digital options, there's nothing like having a physical photo booth photo strip capturing that moment in time, which can then be stuck on fridges, in guestbooks, put in wallets or wherever you desire!
  • Where is the You Look Lovely booth available to rent?
    The booth is available for rent in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Please contact us to inquire about venues further afield, although these may incur an additional travel fee, based on location.
  • What is included in the price?
    Included in all of our packages are: travel fees and set up of the booth, a trained booth operator who stays for the duration of the event, unlimited photo prints or digital copies and use of our vintage-style props.
  • Are the photos customizable?
    Yes. We can add event names, logos or whatever our clients need to both photos and the touchscreen guests use to operate the booth.
  • What is the photograph and print quality like?
    The best. Our booth contains only the highest quality professional cameras and photo printers.
  • What props are available to use with the You Look Lovely booth?
    Our highest quality vintage-style props add a playful element to your event, and are included with the booth rental. No flimsy, paper props here.
  • What photo backdrops are used?
    We usually work with the natural beauty of the event space to find the perfect backdrop for your photos. However, we do have additional backdrops available for rent.
  • What additional extras are available to rent?
    Feel free to inquire about the additional event rentals we offer. These include vintage lawn games, vintage projectors and customizable photo booth signs.
  • What events is the You Look Lovely booth suitable for?
    In short, any! Wherever you want to elevate your event in a fun but stylish way and help your guests capture some memories, we’ll be there: Weddings, corporate events, office parties, business openings, birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties and more!
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